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How to Fool a Breathalyzer - Want to trick a breath machine into a low test result? Or make sure that you're not causing a false high reading? Not that difficult, says a law firm of San Diego DUI attorneys and lawyers: just control your breathing.

How Does Social Security Define Disability Anyway - Have you ever wondered what the "definition" of disability is? I know you have?we all believe we know "who" is disabled and "who" is not.

Anoxic Brain Injury - Anoxic Brain Injury occurs in cases of severe lack of oxygen to the brain.

My Neighbor Is A Registered Sex Offender And I Cant Tell Anyone - Did you know you can check online for sex offenders registered in your neighborhood .

BBGun Justice A Case To Forget - March 8-9, 2004.

Franchise Computer System Clauses in Home Based Franchise Businesses - Even in the most simplistic franchise businesses, such as a home based franchise business model the franchisor must have stipulations of the franchise agreement concerning the use, purchase and set up all the franchisee's computer system.

Understanding Probate - Probate is known as the legal process that settles the estate of the deceased and how the property of that person should be distributed.

No Win No Fee Claims broken down and explained - Every year in the UK 2.

Divorce Health Insurance - Recently, I had a question from someone who was going through a divorce and was concerned about lost health insurance coverage because she was covered under her husband's insurance.

Family Law Attorneys - Attorneys and lawyers practicing family law take up cases relating to all kinds of family related issues.

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