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Anoxic Brain Injury

Anoxic Brain Injury occurs in cases of severe lack of oxygen to the brain. This usually happens when blood is unable to flow to the brain due to certain injuries or bleeding. There are three types of such injury: anemic anoxia (blood doesn't carry enough oxygen), toxic anoxia (caused by toxins that block oxygen in the blood from being used) and anoxic anoxia (no oxygen is being supplied to the brain).

There are post resuscitation and prehospital factors that can determine the injury suffered, especially in newborn children that enter a coma. Unfortunately, such brain injuries happen to newly born babies because of several complications that can appear leading to a lack of oxygen to the child's brain. The outcome becomes less promising the longer the baby is in the coma.The brain needs oxygen and glucose to function properly. Lack of oxygen to the brain damages cortex situated nerves where cells originate. In cardio-pulmonary arrest, loss of consciousness occurs in 10-15 seconds and irreversible brain damage happens in 5 minutes.

For example, the common sleeper hold seen at wrestling shows is very dangerous, and many kids have suffered irreversible damage trying to imitate it.There are several treatments a patient can undergo, but brain injury is rarely cured 100%. Programs of hyperbaric oxygen therapy have been used to positive effect in the past and it does help.

The best rehabilitation is provided by specialized centers where patients suffering from anoxic brain injury are taken care of 24 hours a day.

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By: Elizabeth Morgan

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