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GDM Law helps you know your rights, and to know the law. Our legal resources provide an abundant collection of legal advice to suit a variety of situations that may arise in your personal or business lives.

The Importance of Background Verification
Today's society has created an environment that requires business owners to be armed with numerous tools. Many employers currently spend little time verifying the accuracy of employment applications and the cost of not doing normal due diligence can be staggering...

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What Qualifies Wrongful Death Litigation?
In many cases, victims are usually unable to file a lawsuit themselves, especially when that person is already deceased or suffered huge injuries. In a wrongful death case, personal representatives of the estate of a deceased person are allowed to file a lawsuit...

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Wrongful Death Cases Explained
Do you know instances where someone you know was hit by a reckless driver, was struck and killed by a careless motorist, was shot dead because of mistaken identity, was killed due to medical malpractice, etc.? These cases are all examples of wrongful death cases. Generally, such cases are caused by another person’s negligence, carelessness, malpractice or inaction...

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Reporting Sexual Harassment
There are ways of stopping attacks of sexual harassment, either by yourself or with the help of workmates, authorities and by eventually filing a lawsuit. The following ways of reporting sexual harassment incidents may not ideally be in the order as we’re going to present it in actual reality. You shall have to discover for yourself the best move to compensate...

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Youre infringing my patent - Are you ready to bring your invention or product to market but not sure you can without infringing someone else's patent? Want that confident feeling that you have done your "homework" up-front to avoid a costly and lengthy law suit? This is a primer on patent infringement for inventors that answers your most commonly asked questions.

FACTS ON WRONGFUL DEATH LAWSUIT - In order to understand legal topics fully it is of great importance to know the meaning of the legal terms to be used.

The Intricacies of Personal Injury Cases - The laws on personal injury are truly comprehensive and complicated.

Public Criminal Records - Public criminal records are those criminal records at the national level which can be obtained by any private citizen without any form of government authorization either via internet or fee-based systems.

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