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Zyprexa Plaintiffs Obtain No Risk Lawsuit Loans to Bridge Financial Gap

"No one pays much attention to how a person who has been injured is going to live while waiting for a case to settle, the legal system tends to put people who cannot afford to wait for their money at a disadvantage." - Boston Bar Association Ethics Committee Chairman, Gerry Cohen.With these words millions of U.

S. consumers every year find out 1st hand the truthfulness of Mr. Cohen's assessment of the legal system; but who more so than the thousands who have suffered tragically at the hands of Ely Lillies drug Zyprexa.

"Zyprexa ruined my life" describes litigant Merrit Salyer who will be one of the first to receive a lump sum settlement in the new 700 million dollars settlement launched last Thursday by multi-billion dollar corporate giant Eli Lilly, manufacturer of Zyprexa. The "extreme hardship I suffered from Zyprexa in both physical & mental suffering, well all I can say is Zyprexa stole my health and it nearly killed me, as I spent 2 weeks in a trauma unit from diabetic ketoacidosis where I almost died and now I live with a lifetime of complications diabetes has left me with" says Salyer of his brief 2 month encounter with Zyprexa.The costs injured plaintiffs sustain are far more than the actual pain and suffering, as Salyer states, "injuries affect everything including your standard of living, you just can't maintain the same earnings. Then throw in future credit and borrowing and you begin to know the real long term side effects no one takes into consideration and that's why injured plaintiffs need help in many areas to recover.

".Is there a solution? 1st Choice Funding offers Zyprexa plaintiffs many and one is by offering cash in hand now, when Zyprexa plaintiffs need it most vs. when settlement finally occurs. The program is called "No Win .No Pay. No Risk" Lawsuit Loans and this innovative program puts Zyprexa litigants in the position to receive cash prior to settlement with no credit, employment, monthly payments, collateral, or risk no matter how long Zyprexa settlement takes.

"No Win.No Pay. No Risk" Lawsuit Loans are unheard of from traditional banking approaches to lending money conventional lenders agree. "1st Choice Funding's Lawsuit Loans aren't really loans at all and that's why conventional approaches aren't how we make determinations for funding" said 1st Choice Funding company president Timothy S. Gray, "lawsuit loans are what consumers call them but in reality what they are advances made on future settlement, and that's something conventional lenders just don't understand.

".What does Zyprexa victim Salyer think of the opportunity to get cash now vs. the lengthy settlement period ahead for the plaintiffs? Salyer says with conviction, "It's about time Zyprexa did something good for us, I think it's a great program and I recommend it to everyone in the financial need my family and I are in, it's really been a god send for us".Not only those with injuries from Zyprexa can obtain financial releif today as 1st Choice Funding's resources provide "No Win.No Pay.No Risk" Lawsuit Loans for all these case types;.

"No Risk" Case Types Include:.Passenger Injuries
Pedestrian Injury
Personal Injury
General Negligence
Civil Rights
Employment Discrimination Whistleblower (Qui Tam)
Product Liability
Construction Negligence
Class Action Mass Tort
Pharmaceutical Litigation
Airplane Accidents
Commercial Torts
Commercial Appellate Settlements
Sexual Harassment
Boating Accidents
Burn Injuries
Worker's Compensation
Construction Accidents
Dog Bites
Maritime/Seaman's Claims
Medical Malpractice
Motorcycle & Bicycle Accidents
Nursing Home Neglect
Premises Liability
Product Liability
Railroad Claims (FELA)
Wrongful Death
Structured Settlement
Tractor Trailer Accident
Slip & Fall
Settled Cases
Sulzer Hip
Jones Act
Discrimination Cases
Toxic Mold
Wrongful Termination
Commercial Cases
Probate Cases
Select Divorce Cases
Select Canadian Cases.

.About the Author:.To find out more about this innovative service, log onto the company website at http://1stchoicefunding.

com and become informed about a long past due financial remedy for Zyprexa victims, as well as all personal injury plaintiffs needing a financial solution or call the company toll free 800.839.0939 ext 1 for information on a Lawsuit Loan.

By: Kari Gray

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