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If you are looking for a Washington Lawyer you will not have to go very far or even look in a phone book, no sir, they are everywhere. It use to be that someone who was a lawyer was to be respected for their intelligence and savvy, but not any more. Anyone can be a lawyer, the world is full of them and no shortages of those who aspire to be just like them either. Now-a-days if you are looking for a lawyer you will be glad to know that soon there will be more Washington Lawyers.In fact the Washington Bar Association is primed to admit over 630 new lawyers this year to practice law, isn't that wonderful? So if you want to sue your boss for breaking a finger nail there will be a lawyer there for you, waiting to take your order. The best way to find a lawyer use to be to simply follow an ambulance and the next BMW or Mercedes that cut you off, well that would be your best shot at a lawyer who would take your case on contingency.

It is great to see they are making the tests easier for lawyers too, so they do not discriminate just because someone is incompetent or brain dead, now they can be lawyers too, in fact the Washington State Bar Association has now indicated that 630 of the lowly folks desiring the riches and 913 bar exam candidates passed the test in July.Wow that is a 69 percent pass rate, which blows away the No Child Left Behind Tests, now when you child grows up they can be a lawyer, won't you be proud as they chase ambulances down our highways? These tests have three parts the hardest part is the part where you fill in your personal in formation; name and phone number the other tow parts are quite easy; a law exam and an exam on the rules of professional conduct, a couple of questions which you will not be required to follow. In fact over 88.5 percent passed the professional conduct rules part of the test, it is that easy.

Where would this country be without all these lawyers? Can you even imagine what this nation would be like if we had fewer lawyers? I wouldn't bother, as it ain't gonna happen unless you do something about it. Think on it.

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By: Lance Winslow

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