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Used Car Lemon Laws

Although most everyone is aware of the lemon law as it pertains to buying a new car, many consumers may be surprised, and relieved, to know that the lemon law can also extend it's coverage to used cars. The used car lemon law, like it's counterpart, can change from state to state, but there are some basic details that will help you to decide if you qualify for this coverage.First, when you purchase the used car, it has to come with some type of warranty, either the manufacturer's warranty or one written expressly for that car.

These warranties include extended warranties and warranties that are written from the car dealership. This is critical. Without any type of warranty, in most states, the coverage will not apply. If you have bought your car privately, chances are remote that you will be covered. If you have met the requirements needed when purchasing your used car so that the used car lemon law pertains to your purchase, there are steps that you need to be aware of that will help if you find you've purchased a lemon.

Document, document, document! This, again, is critical. Keep a written account of every repair, every person you have spoken to about these repairs, and what was said in these conversations. Make sure you receive an invoice and a warranty for repairs each and every time your car is in the shop. Even if the repairs were covered under a warranty, get an invoice anyway.

Without documentation to back up your claims, damages under the used car lemon law will be hard to prove.Be accurate. Make sure you've detailed the problem clearly and thoroughly and that the repair shop has written everything down just as you said it. Do this every time you take the car in for repairs.

Keeping this information clear and precise will help if you need to use the use car lemon law.If your car breaks down on the road, document the time and date and exactly what happened and where. Make sure this goes into the record at the repair shop. Also, before you turn in your car for repairs, make a note of the odometer reading.

Have them record this on the invoice. By doing all these things, the used car lemon law should work effectively and could just be the out you need.


By Ray Walker
Lemon Law Information.

By: Ray Walker

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