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Supermarkets Especially Prone to Slip and Fall Injuries

Grocery stores are often considered safe and making a run to the grocery store is a common, everyday occurrence for most families and individuals. But grocery stores are actually one of the riskiest places to be and many customers commonly find themselves in a sticky situation after being involved in an accident that leaves them with slip and fall injuries. A report, conducted by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), even found that $450 million in legal settlements and expenses is paid out annually to victims of these accidents. Learning how to protect yourself whether you are a customer or employee is important, even in a place you'd think could never harm you.

Victims Over 60 At Higher Risk Given the preponderance of spilled liquids, loose items and runaway carts at grocery stores and supermarkets, it is not surprising that slip and fall injuries are a danger to customers and employees. But a more surprising result of the NFSI's study is that women ages 60 and over are far more prone to suffering serious injury due to slip and fall accidents. Grocery store falls take place most often in crowded entry areas, where water is often tracked into the store and not cleaned up as easily or quickly as promotes optimal safety. In addition, the high polish on most supermarket floors means that it is hard to detect stray liquids. Liquid-related risks can occur often in refrigerated areas where equipment may leak or in the produce area, where produce is kept fresh with water continually spraying the products available for purchase.

Victims' Rights in Slip and Fall Injuries It is a grocery store or supermarket's obligation to provide a safe space for customers to walk and to prevent slip and fall injuries to the best of their ability. Supermarkets should close off or otherwise designate unsafe and slippery areas using cones or other devices, and should have employees on hand to patrol potential danger zones for possible slip and fall dangers. If the unavoidable does occur, you still have rights, whether you are a customer or an employee. Customers If you are a customer, inform the store manager as soon as possible, and get that person's contact information. Seek medical attention immediately to determine whether you have suffered injury. Speak with a personal injury law firm for consultation if a supermarket or grocery store does not cooperate in compensating you for your injuries.

It is advisable to seek out an experienced personal injury lawyer who can offer assistance in regaining compensation after a slip and fall accident and injury. This can include, but is not limited to, attorney's fees, medical bills, lost wages, and other benefits. Employees If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident on the job, inform a supervisor as soon as possible. Fill out the proper paperwork and consult with your employer's doctor.

A workers' compensation claim may become relevant to employees who are not thoroughly examined by the company's medical personnel, or if an employee's wages decrease or lost because of missed work and low mobility because of a slip and fall injury. An employer will typically try to resolve a workers' compensation claim through its insurer, but you may wish to have legal representation to make sure your rights are upheld and you are given the care and compensation you deserve.

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