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Personal Injury Litigation Financing

Human beings are prone to injury of some kind or other. These may be mental or physical injuries. When a person's action injures the individual and family mentally or physically, it is called Personal Injury. The individual can file a case against the person who has been the cause of his or her Personal Injury.For instance, in a car accident an individual is left paralyzed for a lifetime. It affects him and his family severely.

Though they cannot get him back a healthy, functional body, they can file litigation charges for recovery of the damages done to the victim mentally, physically and emotionally. As it is not easy to go alone in the proceedings, they seek the help of an attorney who is experienced in that particular Personal Injury cases.For instance, to handle the case of car accident, one approaches an attorney who works on such cases. The attorney studies and analyzes the Personal Injury story, works out the possible settlement amounts and builds a case accordingly. He or she negotiates and helps the victim to get the right pre-settlement charges from a Litigation Financing company.The company evaluates the case and issues funds to meet the expenses of the individual.

These are advances or investments that the injured person procures to fight litigation. If the case is in favor of the Personal Injury victim, the company recovers its funds from a share of the settlement, as fixed earlier through signed documents. The attorney too gets a certain percentage, or contingent fees. But in case the amount is very small or the injured person does not get compensated, the company and attorney do not get their dues. Normally, the person who caused the injury, through his or her Litigation Financing company, settles the losses to the victim.


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By: Jennifer Bailey

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