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Oregon Dank StarsClothing Against Corporations

.The Oregon Dank Stars are Oregon grown skate and snowboard company which produce videos, accessories, and unique and attractive clothing for today's misguided individuals. The Oregon Dank Stars have expressed their philosophy of supporting local business, wherever you may live. Can anyone, excluding shareholders and moneygrubbers, say anything good about Big Business and Corporate America's influence on what we wear and what we buy? Who wants to admit that someone's grandfather designed their wardrobe? Who wants to admit their paycheck goes to some tycoon in L.A who spends their money supporting some other corporate fat cat? Do everyone in your community a favor?. buy local.

.By means of what I would call nothing less than gorilla advertising and hand to hand sales and by the support of are friends and affiliates we have begun to cement ourselves into the local industry we have and cherish so much here in Portland. So many smoke and mirror company's have come and gone over the years; it has become impossible to tell whose passionate these days though with the fall of one empire comes the birth of something pure.

Stay positive, live life, and love what you do. OdS
. .Michael Cook is CEO http://www.oregondankstars.

com .mike@oregondankstars.com.

By: Michael Cook

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