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Open Head Injury After an Auto Accident

There are over 1 million U.S. citizens affected by a brain injury accident annually, with half of these individual's being the victim of a motorcycle or auto accident. Scientists have found that most individuals usually are the victim of traumatic brain injury after a car wreck. Accident-Related Brain Injury: Mechanisms In an auto-accident-related TBI, the victim is jolted violently, sometimes against an object. This causes the brain to twist within the skull and bump against the skull walls, damaging the brain's axions, which are the connections between neurons.

This affects the communication's function within the brain that reduces the victim's ability to function normally on a daily basis. Patients with more severe axion damage may go into comas or die immediately. Other types of brain injuries that are commonly caused by an auto accident include concussion; contusion in the brain tissue or bruising; skull fracture; and anoxia, or also a low supply of oxygen flowing to the brain. A closed brain injury, in which the skull is not broken or penetrated, is the most common kind of TBI caused by auto accidents. It is also more difficult to diagnose than a penetrative brain injury, because the symptoms may not be obvious at first. Right after the accident, victims may feel fine, or show only a short loss of consciousness or a mild headache.

They may be sent home from the hospital with a clean bill of health. However, more symptoms can appear in the days and weeks after the accident. They include: . Headaches . Dizziness and lightheadedness .

Double vision or blurred vision . Confusion or agitation . Fatigue .

Memory loss . Mood or behavior changes . Trouble concentrating . Slurred speech .

Dilation of the pupils . Repeated vomiting or nausea . Loss of coordination These secondary symptoms can occur when the brain swells in response to the original trauma. Because the brain is trapped inside the skull, this swelling can cause complications of the original, seemingly mild, injury. About 40 percent of TBI patients develop some of these symptoms, sometimes called post-concussion syndrome, in the days or weeks after an accident.

After an accident, victims should visit a doctor or even two to get a second opinion if the following symptoms begin to occur. Costs of Automobile Accident-Related TBI The costs, both personal and financial, of a traumatic brain injury can be high. Individuals that are the victim of a brain injury accident never fully recover because brain tissue does not "fix" itself as other body tissues do. Side effects after such an accident can forever effect an individual's mood, mental disorder, motor skill ability, hearing and memory. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that more than 5 million Americans need help with daily tasks because of a traumatic brain injury. These issues can cost thousands to millions of dollars for treatment and can severely affect a victim as well as family and friends.

To minimize the chance of living with a disability, accident victims who think they might have a TBI should insist on a thorough medical evaluation after an accident, so they can begin treatment as soon as possible. If you believe that someone else may be at fault for an auto accident that caused you or a loved one to sustain brain damage, or if you believe you are being unfairly denied treatment or compensation, you may wish to speak to an experienced brain injury attorney.

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