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Moving from the UK to Australia

Have you decided to make the decision and leave the UK for a better life in Australia? So many young couples and families are packing up there lives here in the UK and heading over to Australia for better weather, more money and better living conditions for all the family. You may be worried about moving all your furniture and belongings to Australia, you may think it will be less hassle just leaving it here in the UK and buying new furniture in Australia, but why should you. An experienced Removal Company who have a good reputation and have the experience in shipping furniture and belongings to Australia from the UK will not only offer the help of shipping your possessions to Australia but will give you peace of mind. They should offer you the following if you require them: ? Full liability cover ? from the start to the finish of the move your goods and personal belongings are covered. ? Collection, Packaging, Preparation and Detailed Inventory ? you can have your belongings prepared, packed safely and collected in Over's packaging to save you the hassle.

? Packaging, Preparation, Unpacking and Delivery ? working from your detailed inventory the team will unpack your belongings at your chosen property, set them up and remove any debris. ? Freight Handling ? Crating service ? this is for high risk and or fragile items. Whatever you're transporting and shipping a good removal company will be able to help you make in smooth and hassle free. Transporting your belongings to Australia by sea and air can be used not only for families and couples moving to Australia but also for businesses and commercial use. Many of the removal companies will be able to help you fill out the paperwork required for your shipment and also help make the shipment run smoothly, via contacting the shipping lines making sure there are no problems etc. Usually shipments from the UK to Australia run on a daily basis and can take over a week from leaving the UK to reach Australia.

If there is a reason why you need your shipment even quicker there are other options available that removal companies offer which of course will cost more. If you're moving to Australia and want some of your belongings stored in the UK and some shipped to your new property in Australia, ask your removal company if they offer both services. If they do you can usually save a bit of money so why not enquire, you may save yourself some money too. One point to look for when choosing your removal company for your move from the UK to Australia is the British Standards ISO. This means that the service and products they offer are registered on their Quality Management System. It just gives you peace of mind that the company has thought about implementing the system and are trying to give their customers a better service.

So whatever your move to Australia involves, contact a reputable, experienced and trustworthy Removal Company so they can help take the stress away from your move from the UK to Australia.

Jene Pedder is the Webmaster of OVER'S International who specialise in removals and shipping from the UK to Australia.

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