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Irresponsible Need a Job

Let's face it so many people these days are so completely irresponsible one has to wonder what type a job they might be able to hold? One career path, which might fit the bill for a totally irresponsible person is to become an Attorney at Law. Now you might think that attorneys are responsible, but you are mistaken. You see not only are attorneys irresponsible but they help others who are irresponsible pretend to be responsible and re-assign their responsibility to another, an organization or an agency; that in itself is irresponsible as a citizen. Assisting another to defraud and forgo their duties to society and yet retain the efforts of the whole of that society or steal from the labors of another for that which you did not earn is irresponsible; how on Earth could it be another other than that.

Not long ago there was a huge defrauding by Law Students to discharge their student loans by using their new law degree and license to file bankruptcy. It was said to be good practice and some graduating students found a never-ending supply of bankruptcy clients not more than a 3-mile radius from the University Grounds.So, if you are an irresponsible piece of garbage and a worthless excuse for a human being, I recommend you become a lawyer so you can continue your current level of work ethic and comfortable lifestyle that you are use to.

Just think you can even drive a Beamer and pretend your human waste is without odor. All attorneys know everything is only a matter of definition. After all don't your wants out weigh any other needs of society? If you believe that, you are already on your way to being a very excellent lawyer indeed. Think on this.

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By: Lance Winslow

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