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Getting Your Patent Application Facts Straight

Even if you choose to use a patent agent or attorney to help you protect your invention, you will still have some work to do. After all, it's your invention. And they need you to communicate the in's and out's of it as best you can. It's not just as simple as meeting with a patent attorney, giving them a short blurb on your invention, and expecting everything to magically fall into place. You will have to put in some effort here.

Obviously, they don't know your invention like you do. And a short little discussion on it is probably not going to put them in the know. You will likely need to spend a significant amount of time conveying the intricacies of whatever you've invented to them. After all, the strength of your patent depends on how well you communicate your invention to your patent practitioner. So here are some things you need to ponder before you start getting charged by the hour.

What problem does my invention solve? When exactly was it invented? How can I describe my invention as specifically as possible? What are similar or related inventions? What makes my invention better than these similar or related inventions? What features have I improved upon? In addition to answering these questions as best you can, bring any drawings, photographs, or an actual prototype of your invention that you may have. These will only help demonstrate your invention better. They aren't absolutely necessary, but may help keep the meeting running smoothly.

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