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DUI (driving under the Influence) is one of the most common law and order related problems in the US. Interestingly, each state has its own set of policies and laws when it comes to DUI cases. If you are currently a resident of San Diego, DUI is a pretty serious offence and you should hire an experienced San Diego DUI attorney to defend you in court. Even before your case enters the court of law there are a few steps you can take to ensure that the DUI case against you is as easy to defend as possible.

Speak to any San Diego DUI attorney and he will tell you that the first thing you can do to strengthen your case is to say nothing at all. When you are being questioned by the cops be polite and refuse to answer any questions. It is important to remember that field sobriety tests are completely voluntary.

You can choose to refuse a sobriety test if you are not sure you will pass it, any San Diego DUI attorney will tell you that you are better of refusing the sobriety test than taking it. California laws make it mandatory for any one under the age of 21 to take a sobriety test if they are suspected of DUI. Chances are you will be asked to take a preliminary alcohol screening test, if this is the case you should try and avoid a blood test at all costs. If given the option, go for a urine test. If you are not offered a urine test choose to give a breath test. In a nutshell, blood tests are the most reliable means of calculating the blood alcohol level and you should avoid it at all costs.

Many of California's jurisdictions video tape DUI test and the video tape are admissible in court as evidence, make sure you are at your best behaviour and the length of the video recording is kept to a bare minimum. Even if your arrest is not video taped, be at your best behaviour and be polite. Before making any statements hire a San Diego DUI attorney, it is important to hire an attorney that specializes in DUI cases and is a resident of San Diego. An experienced DUI lawyer will know exactly which loop holes to exploit and what is the best way to defend you in court. San Diego DUI lawyers have fast made a reputation for themselves and are among the most competent DUI lawyers in the country.

If you are still confused about what to do when you are arrested for DUI, there are numerous websites that can help you. A few web sites even have free surveys that you can fill out and send to a San Diego DUI attorney, under total confidentiality, and he shall provide you with all the needed help. Based on the information sent by you in the survey, you can even request for a free initial case evaluation and consultation face to face with the attorney. To find a San Diego DUI attorney, visit www.sandiegoduiarrest.


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