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Drinking Too Much Are You the Victim of a Pennsylvania Drunk Driver Accidents

Life is fragile. At any moment, an alcohol related accident can strip you or your family of everything worth living for. You could be strolling down the street or walking to your car in a parking lot or driving home from work or carpooling the kids to soccer practice. You could be anywhere doing anything that you normally do when a teen drinking and driving or a drunk driver any age ruins your whole life as well as that of your family through carelessness and negligence. Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys, Joel Feldman, along with Kevin Marciano recently represented a 26-year-old woman who suffered a mild brain injury in a one-car accident.

She was a passenger in a car operated by a drunk driver who lost control of the car, causing it to flip over. Attorneys Feldman and Marciano sued the drunk driver and the bar that served the drunk driver the alcohol, claiming the bar served the driver while he was intoxicated. The case was settled for $740,000. Did you know that a restaurant, bar or club, catering company, hosting facility like a wedding hall, or private host can be held liable if the drunk driver was too drunk to drive? Did you know that a convenience store can be held responsible if it didn't check the I.

D. of an underage driver? Not only is the driver responsible but so is the third party that got him in the drunken condition. When you're the victim of an alcohol related crash, most likely you - if you're capable - or a family member or friend will contact your car insurance company.

While that's a reasonable thing to do, it is not the only answer. The insurance company will not have your best interest in mind; they will have their own best interest in mind. The best laid plans for the victim of a Pennsylvania drunk driver accident is to contact a law firm quickly. Why? A personal injury and wrongful death law firm goes above and beyond an investigation of a car insurance company. A law firm has more tools and resources at their disposal.

If a law firm takes your case (even if you have limited liability insurance), they are focused on winning because if you don't win; they don't get paid. Life is fragile. A law firm may be able to help you put back the pieces of your life.

Pennsylvania personal attorneys at the law firm Anapol Schwartz can be found can be helpful in the event of a drunk driving tragedy. Anapol Schwartz is a personal injury and wrongful death law firm and their lawyers may be reached toll free at 866-735-2792 or online at http://www.anapolschwartz.com/. Anapol Schwartz is a part of the group of law firms represented at http://www.legalview.com/.

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