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Disability Benefits and Power of Attorney

If you are receiving disability benefits and would like to designate someone as your Power of Attorney you will have problems with Social Security Administration regarding your Power of Attorney. Here is what you need to know to designate a representative with the Social Security Administration.Social Security does not recognize Power of Attorney for any reason. If you would like someone to handle your affairs for you or have access to information on your record you will need to designate them as your "Representative Payee" for Social Security. This person, which can be a spouse, family member, or friend, must visit the local Social Security office in person and fill out the application to become your payee.There are rules regarding who can be designated as your payee and for what reasons.

If you have a friend or relative that is your Power of Attorney, Social Security can use that as a basis for designating that person as your representative payee. There must generally be some reason for you to have a payee such as the inability to handle financial matters yourself due to age or illness. The person applying to be your payee should live in the same geographic area as you and not have been convicted of a felony.Once Social Security designates someone to be your Representative Payee, your payments will be made directly to that person and they will be responsible for keeping your records current with Social Security.

It is important to understand you are giving up many of your rights when you have a payee. This should only be done when absolutely necessary. To learn more about disability benefits and Social Security, visit the website "Social Security Laid Bare" using the links below.

.Jack Burton specializes in helping people understand Social Security programs for Retirement, Medicare, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and Disability Benefits. The website Social Security Laid Bare presents information on all of Social Security's programs in an easy to read format, without technical jargon. For more information visit Social Security Laid Bare: http://www.

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By: Jack Burton

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