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A lawyer is someone trained in aspects of law and the legal system usually providing legal advice; in America other names are also used for instance: advocate, legal advisor or the more popular, attorney. In criminal or civil trials in court, the lawyer representing the client is then called an advocate; although once qualified they can all appear in court, as a percentage, not many decide to pursue this area of law. When employed to provide advice on the law they are known as legal advisors; providing recommendations to clients in matters that could be civil or criminal.

One who primarily practices law in a courtroom is a trial lawyer; this does not appeal to everyone because it requires fast thinking plus a confident manner, and those who prefer to carry out his work are paid very well.However a great deal of a trial lawyer's time is spent outside the court; they investigate the case they are representing, talk to witnesses and arranging evidence, for example. It is difficult to get away from the law in any of its aspects; this is why lawyers are held in high regard but they must live up to this by living and working by a strict code of ethics. Depending on what area of specialization they work in will decide whether they practice in a courtroom; although they are all able to represent their clients in this manner when required.

Today's life and law is becoming ever more complex creating new subject areas for the legal system to practice in; examples of just a few are show below: Intellectual Property Rights Criminal Law International law Personal Injury Fraud Considering the number of legal representatives there are, it is surprising just how many will never be required to attend a court of law! Representing environmental issues can mean they may work for the government or private companies; some are shown below: Recycling Companies State agencies Large Corporations Representatives in this field may be arranging for their clients to carry out certain actions; they might also represent a company in a civil action resulting from work they have already undertaken. A growth area for attorneys in recent years is that of intellectual property rights; an area that has increased owing to the use of digital products; music and video for example. Most large insurance providers engage the services of specialist lawyers in their legal departments; their purpose is to protect the company's interests against fraudulent claims and advise on the legal terms and conditions used in policies. Most attorneys work in the private sector working on criminal or civil law; in criminal law, they represent individuals who have been charged with crimes and argue their cases in courts of law; whereas civil law deals with civil disputes, usually between two parties.

Where there are high profile cases that may affect the public, or be in their interest, other legal specialists operate; this can be where a large company or government body may be involved with actions that have affected the general public. Still other lawyers use their skills working for non-profit organizations and other charitable bodies; they help to look after the legal rights of disadvantaged and less fortunate people around the world.

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