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Depositions Can I Be In the Room When You Question The Doctor Who Botched My Surgery

Q: When you question my doctor at a deposition, can I be present? Can I ask questions too?.A: During a lawsuit, each side gets to question the other side during a procedure called a deposition. (It's also called an examination before trial- EBT). During a deposition, it's an opportunity for me to get specific answers about what happened to you or your loved one. There are important strategies used by experienced trial lawyers when questioning a doctor in your case.

Not only are we trying to establish facts, as the doctor recalls them, but are also attempting to lock the doctor into a position about what was done for you, and why. I will always ask the doctor to read his treatment record, and then have him or her explain the reasons for treating you the way he did.As a victim or family member of a loved one involved in the case, you are always welcome to be present when I question the doctor at his deposition. However, I must caution you that sitting across from the person whom you believe caused you or your family serious harm is very unsettling.

The urge to reach across the table and do something physical is ever-present. The urge to verbally respond to a comment by the doctor is also very strong. Please remember, if you wish to be present, you can.

BUT, the focus and emphasis is on questioning the doctor, NOT your desire to give him or her a piece of your mind.If you have certain questions you feel are important to your case, by all means discuss them with me before the deposition. You will not be permitted to ask questions yourself.Importantly, if you choose not to be present when I question the doctor.not to worry.

I can send you a copy of the transcript so you can read it at your leisure. In my experience, 99 times out of 100, my client will choose not to be present during a doctor's deposition.


Attorney Oginski has been in practice for over 16 years as a trial lawyer practicing exclusively in the State of New York. Having his own law firm, he is able to provide the utmost in personalized, individualized attention to each and every client. In our office, a client is not a file number.

Client's are always treated with the respect they deserve and expect from a professional. Mr. Oginski is always aware of every aspect of a client's case from start to finish.Gerry represents injured people in injury cases and medical malpractice matters in Brooklyn, Queens, New York City, the Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. You can reach him at http://www.oginski-law.

com, or 516-487-8207. All inquiries are free and totally confidential.

By: Gerry Oginski

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