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Dental Malpractice

Malpractice committed by the dental health care providers is called dental malpractice. It is expected of Dentists and Oral Surgeons to ensure a decent standard of care while giving dental services to the patients. The standard of care is measured on the service provided by other professions in the same geographical area or practitioner specializing in the dental field. Like the doctors and physicians, the dentists and oral surgeons have to treat their patients who trust their services and duties.

But when the dental professionals breach their duty, inflicting injury, damage and loss, dentists and oral surgeons commit dental malpractice - for which they can be sued by the patients. For instance, if a patient who approaches the dentist with a tooth ache finds himself losing sense in the tongue due to some mistake made by the dentist, he has the right to question the malpractice and register a complaint against the practitioner.Often the patient or client tries to resolve the issue by informing their dentist first. Still if they are not satisfied with the remedial steps taken by the dentist, the client can file a case against the dental professional for their negligence or dental malpractice. The damages caused to the patient may be temporary or permanent, affecting the nerves of tongue, mouth, chin, lips, or of course teeth.

The patient may hold the dental professional responsible if they fail to detect oral cancer or injure the patient in surgery. Thus the complaints often vary from services or fees paid for improper treatment.A dental practitioner maintains the record of his or her patient, along with their case history, before proceeding to treat the patient for dental care.

If the patient feels that damage has been caused in the process of treatment, then he or she can take actions with the help of their attorney. The attorney, an expert in the field, evaluates the case as being valid to recover the damage. The patient may even place a complaint with the State License Board.

The license boards, on the other hand, will review and begin investigations based on the complaint received. In such a situation the dental practitioner can face suspension, fee restitution, fine, and even revocation of license.

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By: Kevin Stith

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