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Beware of Professional Parasites

What is a professional parasite? It is someone who produces nothing, but rather collects fees without helping in the growth, profit or efficiency of an organization or business. We can classify such folks with titles of Lawyers, accountants etc. in this group of professional parasites, as they cause huge over all costs, which are passed onto the consumers thus affecting quality of life and standard of living. Every time someone says that they are "a professional" you should immediately scrutinize their actual work activity.

Additionally someone who; files forms, collects forms or demands forms from you generally has professional as part of their title. But how can someone who deals in a "Four Letter Word" like form, be anything but full of crap? Apparently Jesus did not live long enough to address this evil of the form. Forms are the weapon of the evil bureaucracy and push back mankind's forward progression. If you want to achieve more in your company, nation or personal lives you need to beware of the podium pusher politicians who are generally lawyers who go around promoting their agenda, organizing and maneuvering using this four letter weapon.The only real evils in the present period are the forms, form makers and bureaucratic groups who propose them. These folks are friend of no free man, they are professional parasites and you are well advised to beware.

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By: Lance Winslow

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