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Beating a Speeding Ticket if the Speed Limit isnt Visible

When we are just learning how to drive, every individual has to pass not only a written test but a driving examination as well.The written test normally consists of dozens of questions all related to safe driving. A common question that is posed on these tests is what the speed limit is if you don't see a sign posting the limit.It varies for each city and county and also it generally changes depending on if you're on the highway or driving a city street.Some people seem to forget that premise when it comes to fighting their speeding ticket.

After being pulled over and having a police officer tell them that the speed limit was noticeably lower than what they were traveling, some people are surprised to learn that they were speeding since they didn't catch a glimpse of a sign on the side of the road depicting the limit.Beating a speeding ticket in this way involves pleading not guilty to the original citation. In this case the person charged with the speeding infraction doesn't pay the fine but instead appears in court on the date and at the time specified.Their defense is going to be that they didn't see the speed limit sign and thus had no idea that they were breaking any laws.

When this is the case one of the most common situations is that the speed limit sign was obscured by a tree or some brush.If that is the case going back to the scene and taking a picture of the sign might be a helpful tool towards your defense. You could argue that since you couldn't see the sign, you had no idea that you were traveling beyond the speed limit that was permitted.

It's extremely important that if you do feel that the speed limit sign wasn't noticeable that you take pictures of the sign as it appears as soon as possible.Often, other motorists will point out these types of problems and the issue will be corrected immediately. Therefore time is of the nature and having those pictures to present in court will back-up your claim of not knowing the speed limit.

A likely argument to this type of defense is that although you weren't able to see the sign, there are laws regarding speed limits if they are not posted.This is a logical argument and although it won't help eliminate your fine, it may help reduce it substantially because your fine will be altered to reflect what the speed limit when not posted for that area is.Regardless of how you look at it, if you cannot see the speed limit sign and you do wind up with a ticket for going too fast, take the time to revisit the road, find the sign and if it's blocked by something, take some pictures.You just might not only be saving yourself some money but the problem of the obstructed sign will be addressed.


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By: Drikus Botha

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