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As we all know, there are many hazards to driving, especially in winter conditions.Snow and Ice hazard.One of the less-discussed winter hazards is the cascade of ice and snow which sometimes flies off vehicles which weren't brushed off before being used.Pennsylvania Senator Lisa Boscola (D) has worked on this issue for several years, trying to get a piece of legislation passed to minimize the danger.

The proposed legislation, SB902, (introduced in October, 2005), would fine drivers who fail to clear snow and ice off their vehicles. If that snow or ice interferes with another driver and causes an accident, the fine would be higher, and higher still when the offending vehicle is a commercial one.Fatal flying ice.In December 2005, on Route 209 in Pennsylvania, an 8-inch thick chunk of ice flew off a big rig truck and into the windshield of a Mazda behind. It smashed the windshield, killed the driver instantly, and injured her son and husband.

But the truck driver was unaware of this event, continued driving, and has not been identified. This event has stirred up support for Boscola's bill.There does not have to be a death for such an incident to be dangerous.

Chunks of ice and snow could block a driver's view of the road, causing the vehicle to collide with oncoming traffic or run off the road. Or they could just shock the driver when they crash into the windshield and cause him to lose control of his vehicle. Whatever the particular chain of events, there could be much vehicle damage and personal injury. Should we have recourse?.New Jersey has a law which holds a driver liable if any ice or snow flies off the top of his vehicle and kills or injures anyone, or causes property damage.

However, it doesn't require anyone to clear ice and snow off their vehicles in the first place. Such a provision would be useful in view of the fact that when ice flies from your vehicle to hit someone else, you are by then far down the road and unaware of the event.

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By: Tara Pingle

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