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Why Even A Simple Contract Can Save Your Bacon - Every business owner says it; "Do I really need a written contract?" The answer is "YES, YES and YES.

What is TaxDeferred Exchange - What is Tax-Deferred Exchange? .

Honoring the Copyrights of Composers Too - Many photographers use music to enhance their photography.

Construction Site Accident Lawyers Construction Lawsuits - The OSHA (Occupations Safety and Heath Administration) assumes that there will be over 1,000 construction workers that will suffer a work-related fatality this year while many others will undergo substantial physical injuries which could have been.

How Patent Attorneys deal with Intellectual Property - Patent attorneys are professionally licensed attorneys who.

What is a PourOver Will - One of key parts of your estate plan is your "pour-over will.

The Death Penalty Debate - While the death penalty has been utilized for centuries, we continue to debate the morality and efficacy of this punishment.

Overview of Trademark Law - Trademark law gives companies the exclusive right to use a given name or design, called a ?mark,? for the purpose of identifying the source the of that company?s goods or services.

A Substantive Due Process Challenge to the War on Drugs - Substantive Due Process Analysis of the Incarceration of Drug Offenders.

Chicago Personal Injury Lawsuits - A court case is a complex legal procedure.

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