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Body Snatching When Real Life Imitates Scary Movies - Horrible as it may seem, it has become apparent that a number of crematoriums and funeral homes may have conspired to profit from the loss of those grieving families that entrusted them with their loved ones.

To Crush Your Competition A Strong Patent Is Important Learn How and Why - To win in a patent lawsuit, you must have a strong patent, a patent that contains a broad as well as a narrow definition of your invention.

The Last Will And Testament A Model NOT To Live By - If ever anyone served as a model for having a last will and testament, it has to have been Anna Nicole Smith.

Employment Contracts Protect the Rights and Interests of Your Business - When we think of employing people, various different images come to mind.

Wrongful Death Law In California A Basic Understandng - In California, the law as it relates to claims for wrongful death is purely a creature of statute, and it sometimes may seem complicated and perhaps illogical.

What is Medical Malpractice - A brief description of three of the many forms of medical malpractice as well as a definition of the area of lawsuits in general.

Supreme Court Sees Slip and Fall Case - After a slip and fall injury, an individual can be affected by a range of problems including traumatic brain injury to spine injury to broken bones.

The Price of a Divorce - It seems cruel that amid all the emotional struggles a divorce brings with it, money has to be such a tremendous burden and source of added anxiety.

Dealing with insurance - We offers life insurance claim services including bad faith insurance claim litigation, life insurance denial cases, disability claims and personal injury claims.

Myths Surrounding Alcohol - This article explores some of the myths surrounding alcohol consumption.

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