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How Does Bankruptcy Affect A Financial Settlement On Divorce - With bankruptcy showing continued growth ? up 51% in quarter 1 2006 compared to quarter 2 2005 ? according to the latest DTI insolvency statistics it can be a real issue for people facing a marriage split and trying to sort out the finances.

Magstripe Writers The Simple Tool Used By Identity Thieves - Given the number of credit card transactions that happen across the world each and every day, the technology behind the transfers is shockingly simple.

Legal Points Concerning Bank Fraud Crime - Dallas criminal attorney John Teakell's white paper overview examining the crime of bank fraud, which many people do not understand, know the ramifications of, or where to look to get information concerning the crime.

Shouldnt Great Inventions Deserve Ironclad Patents - Chemical and pharmaceutical industries protect their inventions by securing patents.

Receiving Worker Compensation - Worker compensation may allow you to request compensation for many forms of damage and loss including, medical bills, emotional distress, and lost wages.

Do It Yourself Patents - For those who cannot afford to dish out thousands of dollars for a patent lawyer, do it yourself patents can be a great alternative.

Good Business Owners Should Know Their Contracts Including IT Contracts - The contract agreement is essentially the foundation for doing business.

IDENTITY THEFT Are You In Compliance Or Are You Part Of The Problem - A lawyer who is also a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist tells businesses how to protect their most valuable asset, their business, through an overview of the state and Federal laws regarding identity theft.

Another Reason to Think Twice About Taking Avandia - The popular diabetes drug Avandia has been linked with a several serious side effects, including: congestive heart failure, heart attacks and bone loss.

Mandatory Arbitration The Alternative To Trial - The purpose of Mandatory Arbitration is to reduce court congestion, expedite the litigation process, and to provide a cost effective resolution of civil claims.

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