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Law has Only One Absolute Source - The Social-Contract Theory of Jean-Jacques Rousseau stipulates that, human, to all conditions, is equal, and psychological and philosophical tenets have theorized that ?human is the most intelligent animated specie on earth.

Grant of Franchise Terms in Franchise Agreements - When a franchisee company expands its brand name through franchising it must draw all the franchise agreement.

What Is Dissipation of Property - Article describes what dissipation of property is and to what extent it can be done.

Injured in an Accident Reasons Why You Dont Need To Hire An Attorney - You've just been injured in an accident.

Mold Alive and Living In Your Commercial Building - Mold is a signficant issue facing landlords.

Stress at Work Claims An Employers Guide to avoiding the pitfalls - An article showing employers how to avoid potentially expensive personal injury and stress at work claims being made against them.

Arizona DUI Records - Similar to arrest records, Arizona DUI records are a collection of cases wherein the offenders are charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

UFOC Uniform Franchise Offering Circular and Franchise Disclosure Documents Problematic - Many approved franchise candidates on their way to be franchisee buyers complain about the large disclosure documents and the very comprehensive agreements that micro-manage their businesses and cause issues with flexibility in the market place.

Requiem - Like many shy people, she had the most radiant smile.

Key Events in a Chapter Bankruptcy - What happens when you file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7? At Seattle?s Resolve Legal PLLC, a Seattle law bankruptcy firm handling only consumer bankruptcies, we?ve found that when clients understand the key events in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the process is less stressful.

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