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FLSA Lawyers FLSA Attorneys Fair Labor Standards Act Lawsuits Litigation - There is nothing fair about labor infractions and the millions of workers that labor laws are designed to protect deserve more.

Choosing the Best Lawyer for Your Small Business - If you own a small business, it is important to choose the best lawyer to represent the interests of your small business.

Lance Rants on the Justice Departments Slowness to Protect the American People - Some say we have Truth, Justice and the American way in the USA, and it sounds all well and good but is it the truth that we have justice in America and is the ?Way? becoming more of a political correctness bathed in over lawyering and wishful thi.

Attorney Fees in Franchise Litigation - Indeed no one wants to pay attorney fees do they? But someone has to pay them when there is a dispute.

Fraud Are You A Mark Waiting To Be Made - Contrary to what you may believe, not all scam victims are stupid or gullible, though it helps.

Step Parents What Are Your Rights - There are, in this complicated world, a great many step-parents.

Franchising Legal Rights and Duties of Parties Upon Expiration or Termination - In the World of franchising every thing starts out like a dream, just like in interpersonal relationships, however as things go on the only constant of change often shows us it takes a lot of work to keep the spark going.

Troubling Changes To Patent Rules - On January 3, 2006 the United States Patent and Trademark Office (Patent Office) proposed changes to the current patent filing procedures that will dramatically change the process inventors and small businesses use to seek patent protection.

Oregon Personal Injury Law Firms - Personal injury is the bodily harm caused to a person because of someone or something.

How To Avoid Legal Trouble From Trademark Infringement When You Buy A Domain Name - So you have a hot idea for a website, or maybe you want to capitalize on a hot new product that has just been released.

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